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In this article we will mention about sexual dysfunction in females and the proper Homoeopathy treatment for this health disorder. The problem during any phase of sexual response cycle prevents the individual or couple from experiencing sexual satisfaction during intercourse. Sexual intercourse has four phases viz., excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Latest research suggests that out of 100, almost 43% women face sexual dysfunction that prevents them to give the required pleasure to their partner during sexual intercourse. But fortunately in the case of most women around the globe, the disorder of sexual disorder is curable, so it is very important to share your concerns with your partner and a doctor.

Causes of SD in Females

Some of the common facts that affects SD in females are; Physical Issues like diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, menopause plus chronic diseases like kidney disease or liver failure, hormonal imbalances, excessive intake of alcohol or drug abuse, and due to some drugs like antidepressant can affect sexual desire. Psychological Issues like work related stress, anxiety, effects of a past sexual-trauma etc can lead to reduced sexual desire in females.

This is how Sexual Dysfunction affects Women

The most common problems related to Sexual Dysfunction in Women are; inability to become aroused, lack of orgasm, painful intercourse and lack of sexual desire or much reduced interest in sex.

Diagnosis of Sexual Dysfunction

For the purpose of diagnosis the doctor may perform a pelvic exam to evaluate the health of the reproductive organs, an evaluation of your attitudes towards sex, and some other tests includes finding out other possible factors like fear, anxiety, past sexual-trauma, alcohol or drug abuse will help the doctor to formulate a perfect medical treatment for the same.

Treatment of SD in Homoeopathy

In many cases due to the shyness and uncomfort women feel quite embarrassed in sharing their concerns over their inability to satisfy their partner due to sexual dysfunction that causing the issue. Homoeopathic medicines are made up of natural substances that will cause no harm and without any side effects for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. Other factors including inability to become aroused, lack of orgasm, anxiety, fear etc can also be treated during the single medical treatment of sexual dysfunction in females. It has been found that no other medical treatment except Homoeopathy can treat the sexual disorder symptom with 100% curability that that too without any side effects.

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