Parkinson’s Disease and Its Treatment in Homoeopathy

Parkinson’s disease that comes under the specialty  of Neurology and the cause of this syndrome is still unknown and it is believed that it involves both genetic and environmental factors. In other words Parkinson’s disease is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects motor system(cerebral[…]

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Female Sexual Dysfunction and its Treatment in Homoeopathy

In this article we will mention about sexual dysfunction in females and the proper Homoeopathy treatment for this health disorder. The problem during any phase of sexual response cycle prevents the individual or couple from experiencing sexual satisfaction during intercourse. Sexual intercourse has four phases viz., excitement, plateau, orgasm and[…]

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Erectile Dysfunction in Males and its Treatment in Homoeopathy

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common health condition that affects many men across the globe. Though it does have a wide range of disorders, but the most common symptoms that cause major problems specially in marriage life or sexual life among couples are to having trouble getting or maintaining erection.[…]

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